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Gitaren | Flamenco | Añejo Cipres

Añejo Cipres

  • Bovenblad_ europees fichte of ceder
  • Zij- en achterkant_ zeer oud cipressen
  • Hals_ cedrela
  • Toets_ ebben
  • Stemmechanieken_ handgemaakte rodgers
  • Brug_ palissander
  • Mensuur_ 650 mm
  • Afwerking_ handgepolitoerde schellak
  • Status_ nieuw te bouwen
  • Prijs_ € 9.200,00
      Meer informatie over Flamenco modellen

Añejo Models are made with very rare Cypress back and sides. The trees were felled in Italy in the 1920's and this wood had been drying and seasoning in an instrument maker's attic for nearly eight decades when it came into my posession 15 years ago.

When tapped, It is truly magnificent in tone. There are only four sets left of this beautiful wood. It gives the dryest, most musical quality a player (or builder!) could wish for.


The tops used for these instruments are made from the finest available Master Grade woods, as are the necks and fretboards. It goes without saying that on an instrument of these standards only hand-made Rodgers machine heads are good enough.